Content Management

Map Maintenance

Map Design

You can upload your own indoor maps or use our unique map design system to publish beautiful, game-like and shopper-friendly indoor maps of retail locations that increase user engagement and enhance the shopping experience. 

Keeping your maps and information updated is essential for a positive user experience. ZoomShopper  helps you to maintain maps updated in real-time and to implement ongoing changes  to map information, including locations, layout and more.  

We can assign you a dedicated content manager that will collect, upload and manage content in the system. We gather new promotiomal content directly from malls, retailers and brands in our network.


Software Development

Technical Support

Hosting Services

Depending on your needs, you can choose to host the ZoomShopper content on your  own servers or have us host it for you on our secure servers. 

We provide ongoing training on our systems and various SLAs for technical/operational support.

We offer tailored development services to clients that wish to add specific features and/or functionality to the platform, inside their mobile app. 

Value-added services to help you succeed with ZoomShopper

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